Stages of work over 3D project with an example
of architectural visualization

The work over any 3D project requires certain skills and knowledge.

To create a model of a real estate or a street courtyard is a hard matter, it is necessary to make efforts.

What is required to create 3D visualization?
1. To opt for a programme

The main working tool of any visualizer is the programme. Every programme is unique and has own features. Let's dwell upon some programmes:

 — "Blender" is a free 3D editor. The programme is simple in using and suitable for the beginners in the field of 3D visualization.

 — "Cinema 4D" is a programme, which is oriented on the creation of graphics for low-budget movies and games. The benefits of the programme are the easiness of using and a suitable price.

 — "Maya" is the most powerful programme, which allows to create any 3D object. It is usually used by famous studios. The drawback of the programme is a high price.

We recommend the programme, which is called "3D Max". It is a truly universal tool
2. To choose a direction

3D visualization plays an integral part in people's lives as it applies in many areas of the professional activity such as:
- Architecture
- Movies and games
- Design
- Cartography etc.

Decide what you prefer and develop in this direction, but we will stop at the architecture and creation of 3D models of real estates.

What do we need from a customer?

To create a realistic architectural 3D project, a customer should have:
- The master plan;
- Plans of the floors (residential, a ground floor, roofing);
- Facades of the building;
- The improvement of the courtyard;
- The colour-textured chart of the building façades with the description of materials and tones according to RAL;
- Coordinates of the object location;
- The 3D model if it exists.

If a customer hasn't got something above mentioned then it is essential to discuss the project in details. There were situations, when our company "Vertex" created 3D visualization using only photos or the old improperly designed 3D images.

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