3D Visualization of the Real Estate:
Myths and Reality

In the Russian market 3D visualization is gaining popularity. Consequently, a lot of rumors and myths are spreading around it and they are far away from the reality.

Let’s throw some light on the myths, which exist and disprove them!

Myth №1: "Just a model of the building"

A general opinion runs that a 3D object is just developer’s graphics and fantasy. There is some truth, 3D visualization of the real estate initially implies the use of graphics but that is not so simple.

Before creating a prototype of an interior or exterior, all factors of an object are taken into account: outlays, drawings, area plans, geodetic researches, etc.

Even if the above mentioned points are away, the fantasy of a 3D developer will not be enough. When creating a full-fledged, realistic object, you need to make efforts of several people, at least an architect and a 3D developer.

To sum up: a 3D object is a model of a future project that is close to reality, which all the details of the construction are considered

Myth №2: "Useless waste of money"

The other popular opinion is that the creation of 3D visualization is done exclusively for the sake of attractive pictures on a website.

Firstly, 3D visualization is a direct source of interaction with a consumer of your product, be it a real estate or a decoration inside the apartment. The selling of the final product depends on how plausibly the future object is depicted.

Secondly, a 3D model allows you to see the result of the future object. Let’s suppose that an apartment layout is only in the drawings and you want to take all the details into account. Our company "Vertex", which specializes in the development of 3D visualization, will help you with this.

And thirdly, it really looks stunning!

Myth №3: "Everything consists of patterns"

The facade of buildings, people, trees, furniture and many other things are constantly different and can be created only from scratch at the request of a customer.

It is impossible to create a truly high-quality 3D project, based only on ready-made patterns.
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